SHTF Info Nuclear & Chemical

SHTF Info Nuclear & Chemical

Expedient Fallout Shelter Plans
Fallout Shelter Plans
The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments ****
Robert Brent
A Golden Book that gives equipment for chemistry, setting up home laboratory, scientific measurements, lab techniques, making apparatus and 200 simple experiments.
The Kearny Fallout Meter
Cresson Kearny
radioactive fallout measurement
NBC Field Handbook (FM 3-7) - Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection, Equipment, Signs, Tactical Operations, Decontamination
Department of The Army
This is the latest edition of an important U.S. Army field manual (FM) covering field aspects of nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) warfare. In the preface, it states: "This manual, FM 3-7, is designed as a guide to help the chemical soldier at b...
Nuclear War Survival Skills book
Cresson Kearny
Free pdf download of Nuclear War Survival Skills.
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