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This site is the result of a thirst for knowlege. The files contained within these pages have been accumilated over many years from too many sources to mention.

We wanted to share what we had found with others, who have the same burning desire for information to prepare for events that may be out of our realm of control..

"It is better to have it, and not need it, than to need it, and not have it."

This quote goes for both possesions and knowledge.

Be prepared! The Boy Scouts were onto something with that moto. Are you prepared?

Most of us pray for the best of times, but one needs to prepare for the worst of times. Wether it is a natural disaster or man made caliamty one needs to prepare for when the.......

Stink Hits The Fan

As you will notice this site is still under construction. I have limited time to work at getting the files transfered to category web pages. Please be patient.








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